Hymen for highest bidder

Once upon a fairytale, a girl's virginity was a powerful weapon which earnt her father a decent amount of power, enabling him to barter with potential suitors in exchange for her hand in marriage. Those times weren't particularly favourable to nubile maidens who often got locked in high towers, became the target of vengeful witches and queens or were simply sent to a nunnery when the tough suitors got going. Joy.

But our modern day and age has seen women exploiting the unexplored potential of their first experience, and none so more than one Belgian student, using the alias 'Noelle', who is asking visitors to the Yanta Escort website to bid for her virginity, the Daily Mail reveals.

'The winner has bought her company for 24 hours, and as part of the deal he must also take her out shopping and for dinner at the restaurant of her choice.'

'He will get a doctor's certificate proving Noelle is a virgin, and she is insisting sex will only be performed with a condom.'

'Noelle describes herself on the website as 'a very sweet and innocent girl, but with a bit of a naughty mind'. The site provided provocatively posed pictures of Noelle, who it says is a brunette with brown eyes, 5ft 8in, a size 10 dress size and a B bra cup.'

Despite the predictable comments soon to come her way about selling her body like a lady of the night, for the sizeable sum of £45k+, Noelle is insisting that 5% of the money she 'earns' goes to charity.

That should put off the naysayers and feminists, then.

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