Vinnie Jones gets his tackle out in movie

Vinnie Jones has coped with life after football better than most, opting to stay off the golf course to become a genuine C-list Hollywood actor.

It’s a hard life, judging by pictures of his latest film Locked Down, in which dirty tackler Vinny shows his sensual side by bedding Chinese actress Bai Ling.

His last X-rated encounter caught on camera was 22 years ago - when the big softy copped a feel of Gazza during a Wimbledon football match in 1988.

Locked Down is a prison drama flick telling the tale of a respected cop who is banged up after an investigation goes wrong. He is then forced to get involved with the inmates' underground cage fighting circuit.

Whether it’s fighting or having sex on camera, we’re sure Vinny won’t be Bai Ling out on his Hollywood career any time soon.

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