Vested interest for Spanish prostitutes

Dubbed a danger to moving traffic, prostitutes in the town of Els Alamus, Catalonia, have been ordered to don fluorescent yellow jackets to help avoid road accidents.

Police officers have been doling out fines of 40 euros to sex workers for failing to wear the jackets under a traffic law stating that pedestrians on major highways must wear some form of fluorescent clothing.

Undeterred by the ruling, prostitutes have continued walking the highway, popping the vests over their regular skimpy outfits. Though judging by the pictures the prostitutes look better suited to fixing the road than to plying their usual trade.

Prostitution is legal in Spain, with the industry generating around 20 billion euros a year for the Spanish economy. A police spokesperson said the prostitutes in Els Alamus were not being singled out but only subjected to traffic laws applicable to all pedestrians.

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