Verne Troyer sex tape flogged for a fiver

So Mini Me's a bit down on his luck at the moment. Poor thing was rocked by a sex tape scandal recently in which his ex girlfriend literally talked the world through every logistical twist and turn of sex with her pint sized boyfriend, and now an even bigger scandal has come his way. The very same sex tape is being peddled for a fiver!

In a cruel twist of fate, the Verne Troyer sex tape has wound up on a Chinese registered internet sex site where it's being offered to punters for the bargain price of $9.99. Troyer, who successfully had the tape blocked after ex girlfriend Ranae Shrider admitted to having leaking it herself, is said to be furious at the fact that the tape has somehow found it's way online. Still, at least he can take solace in not being the only person in Hollywood to have made a sex tape noone wants - The Hoff's son is right there with him!

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