Veggie option

Kudos to our friends in the field where the grass is always greener with fresh veg: despite all of our generalisations and preconceptions about what vegetarians like, who they are, what they smell like and the music they listen to - (soya; mostly 20-40 year olds; compost; Enya;) - we had no idea that producephiliacs are more likely to enjoy giving head than their meat-eating counterparts.

According to dating website OKCupid, which runs surveys to determine and better understand who uses its website, roughly 30% more vegetarian men than carnivorous men would enjoy some oral action and about 20% more veggie girls would get down on their knees than meat-eating women, The Smoking Jacket tells us.

'This stunning news was revealed in a recent post on the site featuring 10 random charts about sex. There were tons of surprising facts and figures to be found, like the revelation that frequent Twitter users have shorter relationships, for example. That seems to be the tidbit that most media outlets have hopped on, but who has time to think about relationships when you could be thinking about getting a BJ from some dusty, patchouli scented barista?'

So as the sex partner of a vegetarian, we can expect to be on the receiving end of some happy mouth time, but what's the pay off? Drinking more herbal tea and giving up BBQ's? Hmmm....

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