Vanessa's 7-Eleven

Vanessa Peroncel is certainly no part timer in the bedroom. Displaying the stamina of a top flight footballer, the girl at the centre of the John Terry scandal has been linked to no less than seven of the current Chelsea team.

A report in The Sun names strikers Adrian Mutu and Eidur Gudjohnsen, Terry, Wayne Bridge, and an as yet unamed fifth player. The Daily Mail, however, goes further, suggesting that two more players may have also played footsie with the sultry underwear model.

A source close to the French seductrice spoke to The Sun: 'to say she's a Chelsea Girl is a bit of an understatement. Wayne knows that he was one of several Chelsea players who were close to Vanessa. Vanessa has always had a thing for footballers and set her heart on becoming a kind of super-WAG. During each affair she was always a single girl. But by the time she got to John Terry she'd achieved her own five-a-side football team.'

Not long to go until she collects the full set. Well, it certainly beats top trumps...

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