The power of words

Can the power to change words and definitions common to everyone really have a monumental impact on the world? From debates between the different regions in England who have alternative words for small bread rolls (baps anyone?) to the Scottish and the English deciding what the correct pronunciation of the word 'scone' should be, it seems that even the smallest three-letter word can either unite people or segregate them from the majority.

Which is exactly what could happen to the Salt Lake Republican party in Utah, US, whose representative David Baxter has put forward a proposition to redefine the word 'sex' as intercourse purely between a man and a woman who are married, the Examiner tells us.

In a bid to re-establish common conservative values, the party is considering this move to make it clear what their stance is towards anti-family attitudes, such as sodomy, adultery or fornication.

The party's delegate 'wants it made clear that sex is only acceptable when it takes place between a married man and woman. David Baxter wants the party platform to include that the 'God-given sexual power is to be used only between a husband and wife.' He believes this will rule out any possibility of adultery, sodomy or fornication.'

'This is from the same party that wants the government out of our lives. The party platform states that government 'must be retrained from intruding into the freedoms of its citizens.' Who is more than confused? Hopefully, single, straight, gay, lesbian and any other adults out there still have the will and wherewithal to decide what’s right for them.'

Come voting day, the locals of Salt Lake City might not find themselves so inclined to vote for this party if they are up on their definitions of adultery, sodomy and fornication.

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