Usain Bolt’s fling with British barmaid

Usain Bolt has always been quick off the mark, and is no slouch with the opposite sex neither. Just ask Rebeckah Passley, a humble barworker from West Norwood left heartbroken when Bolt left her trailing in his dust after a year long affair.

Rebeckah, 24, was spotted by the eagle-eyed Bolt at a track meet at Crystal Palace, near her home. The sprinter got his manager to invite her to a team party in West Ham, and at the bash he’s said to have put his arm around her and whispered: ‘You’re mine.’

But after whisked all over the world by the athlete, rumours of affairs with other women began to put strain on the relationship.

‘Girls were popping up in the press claiming they were dating him. He told me it was all nonsense. But it did have a bad effect on our relationship - and we have had no contact for a month.’

A wistful Rebeckah now seems resigned to going back to her job pulling pints. ‘Friends tell me we'll get back together but I'm not sure we will,’ she sighed.

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