Getting away scot/clothes free?

Dogs are so sophisticated these days! No we don't mean that they are picky about what brand of chow you feed them, or what label or brand of coat you wrap them in for a walk around the block on a cold day (to check out fellow dog-walkers). No, we mean that a dog's nose is now so powerful it can smell out drugs, bombs and alcohol. Except that in this case, the dog hardly needed to use its nose. The image of a woman having abandoned her crashed car before crawling into the woods half-naked might have given the impression that some sauce was involved.

The dog in question was a police dog that responded, along with its team, to an incident involving Angela C. Ferranti in the state of Florida, who had been out drinking with her boyfriend, Jalopnik tells us. Ms. Ferranti had been boozing it up all night at Mickey Finns in Port St. Luice before attempting to drive home. Hammered. To avoid detection and arrest when she finally crashed the car, she decided to run off into the bush and strip off:

'Her unnamed boyfriend is on probation and was paranoid about the police following them, according to the police report. He decided the best action was to yank the steering wheel and she hit a median with her 1997 gold Buick sedan.'

'The genius boyfriend then yelled he was afraid he'd go back to jail for drinking and they'd have to leave so they split. She disrobed and ran into the woods and he disappeared in the other direction. A K-9 dog named 'kilo' found her quickly after she'd disrobed to 'conceal scent' from the dog's trained snout.'

Unsuprisingly, this didn't work and Angela was charged with driving under the influence. If only Angela had got the number of the cop that found her, which might have been a small, small silver lining on a very dark and cloudy night.

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