Universities in Britain are in crisis, so we're told, as millions of pounds of funding gets pulled from top educational institutes, entry requirements get higher and more students are recruited from overseas. And yet, with more courses such as 'Psychology & Human Sexuality' on offer, colleges and polys might just get a higher attendance for less funding. Especially if they ask students to pay more to attend sex demonstrations, which just might prove to be popular.

This was the brave vision of Professor John Michael Bailey at Northwestern University in Chicago, who asked an exhibitionist couple to perform a live sex-act in front of students after a seminar, the Chicago Tribune reveals. Although, to be honest, this wasn't to boost uni funding, more to educate students about fetishes, exhibition and masturbation with a saw-like device, it seems:

'After an initial discussion at Ryan Family Auditorium, the students were told that a couple were going to demonstrate the use of a sex toy and female orgasm.'

'The woman undressed and got on stage with her male partner, who used a device that looks like a machine-powered saw with a phallic object instead of a blade. [...] Once the demonstration began, [one student] said, 'there was a lot of covering of the mouth like 'Oh my gosh.' It was pretty quiet … I didn't really see people take affront, but they were engaged with the experience.''

Beats a slide-show and an accompanying wad of lecture notes on Paleontology.

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