Medieval measures

Do biblical crimes call for biblical measures? When Moses wandered down off the mountain, armed with the ten commandments, people probably thought that they'd get a bit of a divine slap on the wrists for coveting their neighbour's wife (or ass, or wife's ass, we didn't really pay attention in R.E.). But has 'an eye for an eye' gone too far when officials want to chop off the privates of sex offenders?

That's the current thinking of one Virginia State Senator Emmett Hanger who is trying to get a proposal through in the state of Richmond that would result in a possible study into castration rather than incarceration for sex pests. In an effort to avoid the large costs of holding sex offenders and then rehabilitating them, Hanger suggests just cutting off their penises, the Huffington Post informs us.

'Eight other states allow for some form of castration for sex offenders, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Only Louisiana and Texas allow for physical castration.'

Let's hope that the police have 100% certainty about the guilt of the accused before the meat cleaver comes out!

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