Unlawfully beautiful

Judges must have faced some tough decisions and received some tempting offers at the Miss Mafia 2010 beauty pageant.

Contestants for the pageant in Budapest, Hungary, need to have either mob connections or to have served time behind bars.

The four finalists, who will fight it out in next month’s grand final, have already been selected by judges.

The winner will receive a car and an apartment in Budapest, and will go on to compete in the Miss Mafia Universe in Japan.

Alexa Diamond, one of the competition favourites, said: ‘Here, it is only your beauty that counts and your record doesn't count against you for once.’

Her rival, the ruthless Clara Daak - who has done time for property fraud - told judges she wouldn't be seeking world peace if she wins.

‘My hobby is collecting property leases from losers,’ she said.

Porn actress Aletta Ocean, who pleaded guilty to indecent exposure, added: ‘I know I could never stay good long enough for a straight beauty contest so this is perfect for me.’

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