University Sex

So you’re at Fresher’s week – which university society do you join? Wine Soc? Chess club? The orchestra (one time, at band camp…)? Well, one thing you probably wouldn’t expect is to be joining the Porn Society – but that is exactly what went down in Boston University.

Film society for pervs, this was not. These students were far more enterprising. So what exactly did they do? They set up their own university pornographic publication. Graduate Alecia Oleyourryk, editor of the naughty magazine Boink!, was sick of being told STD horror stories from other university publications, so decided to set-up a magazine devoted to the joy, not the pains, of sex.

“When we started, we decided, ‘Hey! Let’s do a magazine that doesn't have to be justified with articles about STDs. Let’s have sex for sex’s sake,’” she said. So she did! And she may be onto a winner…

She is taking Boink! to the rest of America and thinks it’s set to be a big seller. Turning sex into success! That’s what we like to hear!

(Image: from visentico/sento’s flickr stream)

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