A pornucopia of problems

It seems that for a sex conference, there is such a thing as 'too sexy', which when you think about it, seems to be a relatively impossible subject to become prudish about. But where US citizens' tax dollars are involved, you can't be too careful about what you spend money on to inform/excite the lives of students at your university.

Such was the dilemma faced by the Oregon State University across the pond which uninvited Tristan Taormino from giving a keynote speech at its forthcoming 'Modern Sex' conference on the grounds that her connection to the porn industry (i.e., the fact that she starred in several films) makes her an undesirable subject for funding,despite her considerable credentials in the field of sex and sociology, Jezebel informs us.

One student had this to say: 'I believe Tristan's presence on campus will promote a safer, more sex-positive environment that would allow students of all sexualities and identities to feel a greater sense of belonging and support…The students at Oregon State deserved to hear Tristan's message of sexual empowerment and reclamation.'

What were the organisers really afraid of? Students organising orgies in support of the speaker's views?

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