Underwear – outerwear

If the latest creations going down the catwalk are anything to go by, female fashion victims (sorry, fashion-conscious style icons) will soon be revealing rather a lot more.

In recent shows models have been sauntering down the catwalk wearing transparent material, giving us a glimpse of the sexy lingerie lying underneath their delicate dresses. But innovative designers such as Giles Deacon and John Galliano have gone one step further, turning things rather inside-out. And we’re not talking Superman-style…

The trusty bra and knickers, previously kept firmly under wraps, are now being liberated. What was once underwear is being transformed into chic outerwear – models are now appearing at shows wearing nothing but corsets and their undercrackers!

So will this part of high fashion eventually trickle down onto the streets? It already has – don’t know about you, but if at least a few people aren’t down to a pair of knickers (give or take the bra), by the end of the night, it’s not a party…

(Image: from {dpade1336}’s flickr stream)

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