Ultimate gaydar

Most gay guys would love to it but some women are biologically able to use it, but only at certain times of the month. What are we talking about? Gaydar, or more importantly, the ability to tell whether a particularly well-groomed and exquisitely dressed man is probably going to getting jiggy with you. Clues such as finding out what kind of bar you're in might also help.

As researches at the Toronto and Tufts Universities discovered, women are genetically-programmed to easily spot a gay guy from his straight counterparts, merely through visual appearances, prior to beginning her cycle of ovulation, ScienceDaily tells us.

When a number of women were shown pictures of men bearing similar expressions and appearances but of differing sexual orientations, the ladies whose bodies were becoming more concerned with conception could spot the gay guy. They weren't able to, however, spot a lesbian among a similar set of photographs of women.

The researchers determined that 'together, these findings suggest that women's accuracy may vary across the fertility cycle because men's sexual orientation is relevant to conception and thus of greater importance as women are nearer to ovulation.'

Women who read romance novels prior to the experiment also demonstrated a more accurate gaydar ability, being 'primed' to respond to the pictures in an emotional way.

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