’Ukraine is not a brothel’

Women’s rights groups in Kiev reacted angrily against a radio station’s competition to ’win’ a Ukrainian bride.

Nine women braved the icy cold conditions to protest topless outside Kiev’s marriage registration office, reports the BBC

Brandishing banners that read ’Ukraine is not a brothel’, the protesters were responding to a contest run by New Zealand radio station, Rock FM.

There’s been controversy in New Zealand too, though the station uses the classic ‘it’s only a bit of fun’ excuse to brush off criticism.

‘At the end of the day, it's up to both people if they decide to get married and return to New Zealand,’ said Rock FM chief, Brad King.

The competition winner chooses in advance a spouse from the Endless Love dating agency. The agency will then arrange the 12-night holiday in Ukraine that will bring the couple together.

The Rock FM announced this week that the competition was won by a winemaker called Greg.

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