Tyra and her vagina

Tyra Banks has dedicated an entire episode of her show (out on 5 November in the US) to the ‘least talked about (and looked at) part of a woman– the vagina.’ Tyra says: ‘I have wanted to do this show for two years. I know for a lot of women talking about what is going on in our bodies is extremely difficult, but it is incredibly important.’

Apparently, Tyra then shares a story about how her mother handed her a mirror and told her to look ‘down there. This is followed by a live visit to the gynecologist. Mmm…

The programme will also feature a puppet show – featuring not Punch and Judy beating around the bush but the one and only Vagina Puppet. The Vagina Puppet will be used ‘to give viewers a quick tour of their nether regions pointing out the clitoris, the labia minora and labia majora and the urethra.’ That’s the way to do it!

Well, thanks anyway, Tyra. But we think the cast of the Muppets doing a musical version of the Vagina Monologues would have been more fun.


(Image: from Zesmerelda's Flickr stream)

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