Two cups full of joy, Wonderbra Vs the gorilla

Undies giant Wonderbra has filmed a spoof of the popular Cadbury’s gorilla advert. It’s a familiar scene. The camera pans across to the sound of Phil Collins, but this time it’s not a hairy gorilla that appears, but a sexy lady, clad in bra and jeans.

Wonderbra has always caused quite a stir with its ad campaigns. Can we forget the apparently car-crash-causing cleavage of Eva Herzigova, exclaiming ‘Hello boys!’? And this one is no different.

Playing on the Cadbury’s advert the woman begins to drum, very enthusiastically, leading to rather a lot of bouncing around, the camera zooming into her ‘two cups full of joy’ (a play on Cadbury’s ‘a glass and a half’ end-line). The ad is very clearly marketed at the male viewer, urging them to go and get their partners one of the iconic bras for Christmas. But we think, it could be a health warning to all female drummers, because without the Wonderbra…

Well, you watch the ad or take a look at some shots from the video

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