Twilight sex scene upset star?

Actor Robert Pattinson was visibly disturbed when he filmed a violent sex scene with his girlfriend Kristen Stewart in the latest and final Twilight film, according to reports.

The scene required the characters to engage in sexual intercourse after their characters get married. Presumably due to their vampiric nature, Pattinson’s character hits out at Stewart, battering and bruising her due to his immense strength.

The National Enquirer reports Pattison as having asked: ‘Can we use body doubles? Kristen is so slight, I can’t stand the thought of hurting her.’

After some serious pep-talking it is believed Stewart convinced the boy Pattinson to continue with the scenes, but that he relapsed into upset-mode on seeing the painted-on bruises on her body, mistaking them for real ones.

All quarters have stringently denied the report’s validity, and it’s been stressed that Pattinson was the model professional throughout the filming of the awkward scene.

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