TV or sex?

No sex, please, we’re British and watching the telly. Yes – the age-old maxim has been confirmed with a poll revealing we’d rather have a cuppa in front of the TV, than get down and dirty. The survey, by electrical retailer Comet, reveals 47% of British men would give up sex for six months for a 50” plasma screen TV. And it’s not just men that would give up nooky for the telly, with just over a third of women exchanging a night in front of the box for a night of passion.

Not a good state of affairs really when watching your favourite show on a maaahooosive screen is more important than the survival of the species. Would you give up sex for a TV? We think, if you’d rather watch EastEnders than get it on with your special someone, maybe you should think about a new partner, rather than a new TV…

Then again you can watch sex on TV. Or you can just leave the TV on while you’re at it. Sex and TV. Best of both worlds. That’s what we do anyway…

(Image: from loufi’s flickr stream)

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