Big Brother in the buff

Theoretically, how much time could you spend with your partner naked? Be it one of those 'duvet days' where neither one of you leaves the bed and orders in take-away, puts on films and indulges in endless sex, or just walking around the house enjoying 'Naked Tuesdays'? Maximum exposure = maximum possibilities for fun. Could you endure a month naked with a bunch of strangers though?

For the makers of the hit US reality tv show 'The Nak'd Truth', Britain now represents the ideal opportunity to discover just how prudish or exhibitionist people can be when living together in a house filmed 24/7, the Daily Star tells us. Streakers and nudists are welcome to attend upcoming auditions in Blackpool for the UK version of the show, which is what one Tom Annandale will be doing:

'Manchester-based Tom Annandale, 28, has already been contacted after his failed tennis court streak became a web sensation. Construction manager Tom’s clip has 60million YouTube hits. He said: 'I have had a massive amount of attention worldwide from TV companies but this is the most curious. It makes Big Brother look really tame.'

We imagine the housemate tasks will involve 'pin the (ahem) tail on the donkey', obligatory mud-wrestling and body-painting.

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