Turn up naked, go home clothed

Is a naked revolution about to happen? Nowadays nudity isn’t just for naturists and hippies, everyone is getting in on the act. Yesterday we heard that Christina Aguilera and hubby have Naked Sundays. Same too for fellow celebrity couple Heidi and Seal. But now it’s not just celebrities. People are going naked shopping in Britain and Spain and a group of Swedish ladies are desperate to show off their smorgasbord…   

What are we talking about? Shops are offering free clothes to customers who turn up naked. In Barcelona, clothes label Desigual displayed the slogan ‘Turn up naked and leave clothed’ and 500 streakers turned up at the shop to bag free gear. It was a similar scene in Caerphilly’s Castle Court Shopping Centre in Newport. Meanwhile Swedish feminists want the law changed so they too can go shirtless like men, after two women were asked to leave a pool for going topless.

So… the most fashionable outfit looks set to your birthday suit. However, if you’re afraid your bits will get cold here in Blighty (or Sweden…brrr), there’s those naughty German grandmas with something for you

 (Image: from jonrawlinson’s flickr stream)

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