True Blood stars get up close & intimate

Following in our vampire two-parter for Sexploits today, we came across a certain fan of the light-phobic, pointy-teeth set, Ms. Anna Paquin, commenting on sex scenes on the set of racy American tv drama 'True Blood.' According to the ballsy blonde who plays sweet but psychic Sookie Stackhouse, the actors have no problem getting up close and personal because they have 'all seen each other in various compromising and odd situations.'...and she doesn't just mean in the neck biting position.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in the US, Paquin, who is currently engaged to co-star and lead vampire Stephen Moyer, added that the chemistry between the two isn't acting when it's 'lights, camera, action!' time, explaining that the 'one great bonus is [they] don't need a fluffer', the Huffington Post reports. And there we were thinking that True Blood had a pre-watershed slot!

Having recently come out of the coffin-shaped closet as bisexual, Paquin is well known for her forthright and straight-talking attitude. Just the actress to keep UK fans hot (blooded) under the collar.

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