Trousers only, Ladies

Usually, we wouldn't expect women's fashion to have an impact on the latest architectural trends responsible for raising awe-inspiring edifices and bastions of modern art, or vice versa. But sexual politics being what they may, the choice between trousers or a skirt is causing some ladies to define how they feel about the latest in-building design.

At the new court house in Columbia, Ohio, a giant glass staircase dominates the inner atrium of the building, recently completed to wide acclaim. However, the staircase contains, as yet, no frosting, allowing those walking on the ground floor of the building, an unprecedented sky-ward view.

As we learn from KJRH, one judge in particular, has taken a stance against the male-directed piece of architecture:

'Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Julie Lynch says the stairs at the building that opened Monday in Columbus have the potential to draw peeping from below. She tells The Columbus Dispatch people who wear dresses, skirts and kilts should know about the risk.'

'County Director of Public Facilities Management Jim Goodenow says there have been discussions about whether anything should be done about the situation. The newspaper reports that officials don't want to alter the building's artistic integrity.'

That integrity might just be compromised by hundreds of male workers craning their necks towards the ceiling and coming to a complete stand-still, perhaps.

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