Transvestite arrested for sex with dog

We have to admit it: this is one of the most bizarre stories we have ever come across on the Sexploits team, for which there aren't many details available. We would like to use our imagination in bringing you the story but just thinking about how a 33 year old cross-dresser was caught having it off with a dog is a bit too much for us.

Apparently, said offender was seen in the grips of puppy love with the poor mongrel when its owner was out walking around the grounds of Pendennis Castle in Cornwall, the Metro Online reports. Dressed in a black dress (evening-gown or cocktail dress? Our minds are racing here-this was the middle of the day!), the dog-fancier then tried to leg it when he realised he had been spotted.

But to no avail: police later caught up with him and received a full and frank confession. A spokesman for the police mysteriously stated that 'Other agencies were liaised with and he was handed over to them'. Sounds rather like a true X-Files episode, after all!

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