Transexual paedophile avoids prison

If the sentencing of criminals was put to a nation-wide vote, it would be easy to predict how badly paedophiles would come off, probably getting life-sentences every time. However, a judge's decision on one such an offender's case, that of pre-operative transexual Laura Voyce, shows that justice is never easily served.

Voyce, 20, was accused and found guilty of downloading 40 images of children being sexually abused, the Sun Online reports. The images were thought to be of 'the most serious grade' of indecent material, although Voyce claimed that 'she looked at the pictures to come to terms with her own troubled childhood, before deciding to become a woman.

Judge Newton, of Manchester Crown Court, did not give Voyce a prison sentence on account of her belief that Voyce would have an 'appalling' time inside, refusing to believe that Voyce 'could be kept safe in a prison environment with the best will in the world on the part of those who run such establishments.' A difficult question to answer: who is being kept safe - the paedophiles or the children?

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