Bye bye basters

Vintage is always making a comeback - whether it's denim two-pieces (i.e., bleached jackets with bleached jeans), LPs rather than CDs or simply Billie Holiday rather than Billie. All in all, there's something to be said about golden oldies, ways of doing things that have been around for some time and don't really need to be updated. Like trying to make a baby the old-fashioned way, rather than handing someone a rather full plastic cup.

And so it seems that more and more couples, and in particular lesbian couples, who are keen to 'try before you buy', or at least assess a candidate on a date to see if he has any murderous tendencies or genetic mutations, are trying this approach, the H Spot reveals. Definitely more of a personal approach than anything else.

'Beyond being able to assure the male’s honesty about his physical characteristics, meeting and having actual sex allows women get to assess something arguably far more important, a guy’s personality. And for men the advantages are pretty obvious. In addition to getting laid, in most instances they’re also paid at least a couple of hundred dollars for it.'

It's almost like the latest form of dating, although with a very predictable end result.

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