Tory peer Lord Laidlaw in sex games scandal

Tory peer Lord Irvine Laidlaw of Rothiemay has been caught up in a sex games scandal exposed by those guardians of Western civilization over at The News of the World.

The 64 year old is alleged to have regularly organized sex filled orgies with up to five £3,000-a-night prostitutes in Monte Carlo. While that's bound to have burnt a whole in the old chap's pocket, on the positive side he's worth £730million.

Watch the video here

It's reported that poor old Lord Laidlaw has checked himself into sex addiction program in an attempt to keep little Lord Laidlaw at bay for a few weeks. Embarrassingly for the Conservative party, Laidlaw, Scotland's second richest man, has donated £25,000 to Boris Johnson's campaign to become mayor of London.

But at least the good Lord's ability to get into the saddle hasn't been called into question. As one of the escorts at a recent Laidlaw sponsored bonk fest euphemistically put it:

"Irvine was drinking and taking the sex drug Viagra. He f***ed me and another girl. He can still f***."

Phew! We can all sleep easy in our beds tonight now.

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