Torpedo Tweedo

Jack Tweed was given a rocket by girlfriend Chanelle Hayes when spotted last week leaving London’s Alto nightclub with a glamour model on his arm.

But this time she’s going to need a torpedo, as the former BB contestant Tweed was seen last night leaving the same hot spot with a mystery blond.

Tweed surely knows that he faces a ballistic missile from Hayes – he was overheard haplessly saying: ’oh no, not again!’ as photographers mercilessly pounced on him and a woman clad in a tiny white minidress.

It comes just days after Hayes’ lambasted Tweed on Twitter after incriminating pictures emerged of another of Tweed hand in hand with another nightclub conquest. She accused him of ’lying’, saying:

‘Stop calling me, stop texting me, stop lying to my face!! I'm done with you, your lies, and your obvious inability to keep your penis in your pants.

‘If you even try to come visit me on my birthday like you keep saying you're going to, then I'll have you arrested for harassment and trespassing.

'Byeeeee loserrrrrrrrrr.'

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