Top 5 weirdest sex scenes

We’re going to be 100% straight up with you - this isn’t our list or indeed even our idea, it’s the brainchild of some funny spark at Metro and frankly, it’s too darn good to shun.

To tie in with unlikely sex symbol Robert Pattison's new flick ‘Remember Me’ and his confession that he had to strap a bra to his bum to hide his manhood (yes, we know, weird), the newspaper has recapped the top 5 weirdest sex scenes ever to grace the silver screen.

The top five are made of scenes taken from The Lawnmower Man (virtual sex), The Naked Gun (safe sex), American Pie (apple pie), Hotshots (messy sex) and Howard The Duck (bestiality).

Take a look at the vids here: Metro

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