Toon star in trouble over sexy texts with Rooney’s £1,200 call girl

You wouldn’t want to be Newcastle captain Kevin Nolan’s wife just now. After returning from a weekend away, she found her home had been the scene of an alleged drug orgy. Then it turns out that hubby Kevin once received sexy texts from the £1,200 a night hooker who slept with Wayne Rooney.

The Magpies’ midfielder met Jenny Thompson, 21, on a night out with his Bolton Wanderers teammates back in 2007. She went on to send topless pics to the Newcastle skipper, who replied laconically: ‘Nice pics.’

Nolan's then fiancee hit the roof after finding the steamy texts and photos on his phone.

Jenny said: ‘I sent him pictures of myself topless and he sent me texts back. But that all ended when his girlfriend found my messages and photos.

‘She went ballistic and he phoned telling me never to contact him again.’

Cops are set to speak to 28-year-old Nolan over claims there was cocaine at his home during a 14-hour-booze bender with Toon team-mate Andy Carroll.

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