Tom Ford all for an internet fumble

Style, it seems, can cover a multitude of (ahem) sins. Whilst we can blame style for introducing Ugg boots and jump-suits into the world, we must acknowledge that style also creates moments of pure sartorial perfection, no doubt influenced by beautiful people, beautiful places and ... porn?! Tom Ford might not agree but he does admit to looking at the odd online skin flick.

The clothing genius, reviver of Gucci's reputation and director of recent gorgeous clothes-advert-cum-film 'A Single Man' admitted to a recent Harper's Bazaar journalist that porn does indeed get his impeccably styled rocks off, as well as the softer, more tender interaction of a simple kiss, The Huffington Post reveals.

Ford also has a reputation for being forward and handsy with his fellow A-listers: 'Asking Gwyneth Paltrow to bear his children on their first date, which he said was probably true, and feeling up Natalia Vodianova at fittings, which she said is definitely true.'

Wow. We'll have whatever he's having for breakfast every day.

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