Tips for mistletoe action

The holiday season is a great time to have meaningless encounters with perfect strangers. But if the mulled wine isn’t inspiring much in the way of chemistry, you may be in need of a decent chat-up line.

According to dating site Baddoo.com, the best chat-up line is not ‘If I could rearrange the alphabet I’d put U and I together’, but something a lot more simple. The ‘Holy Grail of flirting’, according to Badoo Director of Marketing Lloyd Price is simply this:

‘You have beautiful lips.’

And there you have it. Badoo, a dating site with 87 million registered users worldwide, analysed opening gambits from nearly 200,000 online flirtations in 11 languages over the course of a month.

Overall, complimenting a woman's lips was the most successful, but other lines worked best in particular countries.

American, French, Italian or Brazilian women preferred ‘You dress beautifully.’ British ladies preferred praise for their legs, the Spanish responded to compliments about their hair, while Germans and Canadians enjoyed praise for the complexion. A little bizarrely, Dutch and Portuguese women liked: ‘You have beautiful ears.’

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