Tinsel Town's big gay conspiracy

Those pesky gays are always up to their tricks. First they demand equal marriage rights, and now they're turning Hollywood into one big pink glittery Shirley Bassey-soundtracked sauna. That basically seems to be the argument between US presenter / moral crusader Pat Robertson (note: this not Robert Pattinson in disguise, we've checked) and author Ben Shapiro on the terrifyingly titled RightWingWatch.org

Actually when we say 'argument' we really mean 'mutual agreement' because there's not much discussion going on here. Both men share the view that gays have 'brainwashed' Hollywood, with Shapiro claiming that anyone who doesn't believe in the right to gay marriage can forget about ever working in tinseltown. It's a disgrace!

Robertson agrees: '...the American people overwhelmingly vote for traditional marriage between a man and a woman, what is it with Hollywood, I mean they are inserting gays one after another, as a matter of fact straight actors are being forced to play gay roles.'

Watch the video clip on Towleroad's site below and marvel at how the two eminent intellectuals thoughtfully and persuasively wade through this massive topic. Maybe best summed in Shapiro's final rallying war cry: 'I am anti gay marriage but I like watching Will & Grace'.

Also see how they've matched the colour of their ties. Awww, so cute!

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