Baring the cold for civic duties

Times Square seems to be doing wonders for boosting America's tourism rates and increasing the amount of foot-fall to New York. Only recently we remember reporting on the naked cowboy singer of Times Square, charming all and sundry with his ... instrument. Now it's the turn of the area's strippers who were out in force recently to do their civic duty.

Grabbing shovels with both hands, a number of bare-chested dancers took to the snow to show local business owners and households how to clear the sidewalks in style. Despite getting a gentle warning from the police, the group managed to grab quite a lot of attention too, the Huffington post tells us.

'While the police eventually moved the dancers away from their original location, there was technically nothing illegal about shoveling the sidewalks bare-breasted. A little-known 90s court ruling makes it okay for women to be topless in NYC'.

That court ruling sounds like our ancient English customs, like being allowed to shoot Welsh people from the battlements of York. Only far, far more sexy.

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