Tiger's been South Parked!

If you ain’t seen South Park’s hammering of Tom Cruise then you really should. The episode is called ‘Coming Out The Closet’ and sees the pint-pot A-Lister refusing to leave his closet. How it managed to ever air on telly is unknown, considering Tom’s ease at whipping out the lawyers for libel. Well it did, and now Tiger Woods has got the South Park treatment.

The 14th Season of the brilliantly crass cartoon airs this Friday (19th March) and episode one is said to focus on poking fun at sexual addiction: enter self-confessed sex-addict Tiger Wood stage right. Kenny and co are struck down with a severe case of sex addiction after a science experiment to rid the rich and famous of the affliction goes wrong.

Metro quotes South Park creator Matt Stone: ‘There’s a delicacy in talking about (Tiger Woods) that we don’t have to worry about…It’s such an important issue in America right now – the sex addiction outbreak. We’re all really concerned about him and hope he gets better.’

South Park ‘Sexual Healing’ is on Comedy Central on Friday.

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