Tiger in the rough

We’ve all had our fill of Tiger Woods’ bedroom indiscretions. Now that around 1,000 women have come out and admitted that they took part in some jiggy-jiggy long time loving with him the story has pretty much rested on whether he and his darling wife Elin Nordegren would get back with him or not, and seeing as she charged at him with a golf club on finding out about his rampant infidelity the chances of that look pretty slim.

According to The Sun the pair are living in separate houses in Florida while Elin isn’t wearing her wedding ring. As a lesson in how to deal with a philandering fool of a man, it’s a pretty strong example. Tiger was packed off to a sex addiction clinic, but it was alleged the other day that he took it as a big joke, and even made a woman patient cry with a rant. So be ready for a footloose and fancy free Tiger to put his balls and woods in the rough some more.

‘She (Elin) can barely look him in the eye,’ said the ‘friend’ to the tabloid. ‘Let alone consider getting back together with him.’

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