Thrills and (coffee) spills

It's sometimes been the moment when two people happen on one another in a sitcom-inspired way: one person backs into the other person whilst getting their daily hit of caffeine causing the other person/innocent bystander to spill coffee on themselves. After apologies comes small talk, a flirty conversation and exchange of numbers, maybe. The chance for a 'happy ever after'?

However, imagine person B has just been dumped by person C. The coffee pouring onto their naked arm, causing them intense physical pain will actually cause them to remember the exact same sensations they felt when being rejected, the New York Times reveals.

According to findings published in the recent proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, MRI scanners identified that inducing 'noxious thermal stimulation' on one arm, and asking someone to mourn a lost relationship actually produce the same neurological phenomena.

'In terms of the actual study, 40 volunteers (who all felt 'intensely rejected' due to a recent breakup), were hooked up to MRI scanners to measure their brain activity while they looked at photos of former boyfriends/girlfriends and thought about exactly how they'd been rejected.'

If Science was going to prove useful in our modern-day, ever-changing social contexts, maybe we need a specific pill to numb our heartache and make our next trip to the café a chance for future happiness.

Mine's a Green Tea.

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