Three’s company for Sam and Christina

Oh my God! Like, does this woman ever stop? I’m referring of course to the DJ Samantha Ronson, who has been talking lustily about her latest conquest - the pop queen Christina Aguilera.

Christina joins Sam’s lengthy list of lovers, which includes Lindsay Lohan.

A music producer pal of Sam, Marlon David, confirmed that Christina has had threesomes in the past, but he said that wasn’t the reason for her split from husband Jordan Bratman.

Marlon said: ‘Jordan was never comfortable with Christina liking girls but he thought it would make the marriage work.

‘Sam said she had a great threesome with Christina in Mexico last month. That's when she realised she was a 'hot piece of ass'. Sam said Christina is as 'horny as a college freshman'.’

Marlon also divulged that Christina had given Sam a peep show on Skype.

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