Thoroughly modern multimedia man

Once upon a time, a woman wouldn't have looked twice at a man unless he was a knight in shining armour, bearing gifts and earning a fortune...wait, actually, that's still true although the police are likely to take a dim view of your new date if he shows up in 2 tonnes of reinforced steel. However, these days, girls take a shine to sharp looking guys with fast-texting fingers and a Facebook account, the Metro online reveals.

A survey by tailoring company Austin Reed showed that women are still concerned with how a man is dressed, how well groomed he is but now they care how often he texts and responds to messages, via SMS or social networking sites.

'Romantic texts and regular Facebook posts have eclipsed paying for dinner and laying a coat down over a puddle as the measure of male manners. Charm, sensitivity, attentiveness, style and being well groomed are key aspects that are seen as important and we hope will continue in the future.'

Whilst women don't expect men to throw a coat over a puddle for them, they do expect to keep their new Prada slingbacks to remain dry. Worth remembering, boys!

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