The ultimate in 'easy access'

If asked what the most important technological invention of 'all time' is, you might not expect to hear the word 'magnets', despite their being used for high-tech models of transport, microphones, tvs, credit cards and just about everything these days. But in this day and age, magnets might now prove to be the answer to man's quest for the quickest quickie, earning them a place in our slightly kinky hearts forever.

An American company, 'Lingerie Dement', has introduced the world's first magnetic underwear for women, enabling bras and panties to be snapped open at the touch of a proverbial shaking, sweating, male finger, the Huffington post reveals.

'The brand has devised several attractive styles, [...] that are, according to the website, 'perfect to wear under your clothes or just to walk home.' The magnets are 'always ready to be flicked off.'

No longer will men struggle with a bra clasp like a colour-blind child playing with a Rubic's Cube.

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