The Tudors are coming… Aaghh!

Full of bodice-ripping, lustful sex, BBC2’s latest historical drama – The Tudors – is being tipped by insiders as terrestrial telly’s naughtiest series yet. Even more raunchy, say, than Dead Head (remember that one with Denis Lawson?) or Tipping the Velvet (who could forget that one?).

The series has been criticised for being too liberal with the truth – and not, surprisingly, too liberal with scenes of raunched-up nudity – but then it was written originally for a US audience.

And the casting has been criticised for being, err, too pretty. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an undoubted hunk, but so was the young Henry Tudor by all accounts. And they’ve picked a succession of saucy starlets as his lovers/wives/victims, including the sizzling Natalie Dormer as the feted Anne Boelyn.

Great telly.

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