The sexiest students

So university life – one long round of sex, drugs and education? Well, for the medical students at least. It seems the people who are set to look after our future health lead the most sexually adventurous lives while studying at university. A study of 1000 students at Cambridge shows that medical students had more sexual partners than from any other discipline – averaging at eight partners (not including cadavers). The students with the lowest number were the theology students with just two.

No surprises there then. It works out quite well really… The theology students act piously and the medical students know where everything is. Thank goodness for that…

Next in line for the highest number of sexual partners were politics students – again, no surprises. The survey also revealed that the students with the worst marks had the best sex – well, the most anyway. So, every cloud does have a silver lining…

(Image: from sklathill’s flickr stream)

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