The secrets of sexercise

The Sun, who know about these things, have worked out the best exercise routines to revive a lazy libido and inject some spice back into your sex life. Here’s the lowdown on those filthy fitness regimes…
Running: Good for stamina and creating strong legs for those “tricky positions”. Regular exercise minimises the risk of erection problems, and teaches you greater muscle control.
Boxing: Removes fat, reduces stress, and boosts testosterone. Builds upper body strength so good for any lifting you’ve in got in mind.
Dancing – all sorts: Develops suppleness. Helps you be a better mover. Can dramatically strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
Bikram yoga: Performed in scanty clothing in very hot rooms. Rejuvenates your vital organs. Improves flexibility for extra supple sauciness.
So there you have it. For a lively love life, simply take every opportunity to dance, box, run and, er, bicker…

(Image: from MikeBaird's flickr stream)

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