The poetry of sex spam

Annoyed by your inbox constantly being filled up with spam promising you the sexual world? Want a bigger penis? Want to go forever with our new love potion? Probably, like us, you’re sick of constantly updating spam filters and clicking that delete button. 

But every cloud has a silver lining. After reading some of these quite frankly filthy sales, we actually think some of them have a kind of unintended poetry about them. See what you think of these – marketing genius or awful ads?

Here are five of our favourites.

1. Elongate your short sword to fit her scabbard better!

2. Racking your brains over a Christmas gift for your lassie?  Don’t doubt, she will be so excited to find a huge schlong in your trousers.

3. Stop being a loser in 2008! Increase your dick!

4. Your new sexual world is waiting for its leader.

5. You won’t need to furtively put socks in your trunks anymore.

Oh, maybe not.

(Image: from freezelight’s flickr stream)

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