The pint that helps you perform

We think that when the news about this pint of virility hit the news-stands, there was an audible cheer that went up around the world as men welcomed the opportunity to drink the night away at their local and still be able to satisfy their other halves (or themselves at least!) when they got home.

Austria has invented a beer that contains a secret cheese-based ingredient that helps men perform sexually, even after quaffing several skin-fuls of the amber nectar, the Metro Online reveals.

One hardy drinker in the town of Bregenz commented that he was looking forward to testing out the new concoction: 'My wife can’t have any objection to me spending the night down the pub now.'

However, enthusiasts should be aware of the potential side-effect of the brew: bad breath. Maybe scientists haven't got rid of all the factors that prevent a good night in the sack then!

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