The Paris Metro gets naked

Millions of people the world over have to face the daily grind of commuting via the underground, the drudgery of being squeezed into badly ventilated and undersized carriages for hours on end beside people you don't know, it's one of the most soul destroying experiences invented by Western civilisation. Unless you live in Paris that is.

The Paris Metro authorities (RATP) are investigating how the photographer Jam Abelanet managed to take photos of naked women on the Paris underground for his book Fantaisies Souterraines - Underground Fantasies. The book features erotic snaps of naked mademoiselles strutting their stuff in and around the Paris Metro.

Check out the photos here

The RATP have said they are concerned about possible copy-cat snappers getting their kit off to recreate Abelanet's photos during rush hour and making some downtrodden Parisian commuter's day.

Abelanet claims to have taken all of the photos in situ, but it's seems more likely that some of the snaps have been photoshopped. The fact that one photo features a naked lady with her upper torso out of the train window showing off her growler to all and sundry without anyone batting an eyelid would seem to suggest it's been touched up, the photo that is.

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