The (other) object of my affection

From wandering eyes on the Underground to spending time alone with a new, and irresistable friend, adults are well aware that feelings for other people don't end just because we are in a long-term relationship. But just how many of us actually see an attraction to someone else through to a (potentially tragic) conclusion?

Research carried out by OnePoll.com reveals that whilst half of the people they surveyed said they would develop feelings for someone other than their partner, 20% of those people weren't actually happy with their existing relationship, the Metro Online reveals. However, a surprising 'one in six of those adults that harbour feelings for a third party will carry it through to a full-blown affair but just 6% said they’d leave their long-term partner'.

The survey was carried out with three thousand randomly selected people, which also revealed that the length of time that a crush on another party will last is usually three months and three days. If you can hold out on your George Clooney or Katy Perry lookalike until then, you might be home free.

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