The Old Boys Network that never went away

Sometimes it seems that the big companies and businesses of this world still live in a fairy-tale land where Prince Charming owns a bank and Cinderella makes his cups of tea and answers calls from his wife, Princess Charming. If only the 'Old Boys Network', otherwise known as male chauvinism, was just a fantasy: for three disgruntled former Goldman Sachs employees, it's more of a harsh reality.

Christina Chen-Oster, Shanna Orlich, Lisa Parisi, each a previous manager, vice president and director for the New York conglomerate business, have decided to take action for themselves and all former female employees by suing Goldman Sachs for witholding promotions, paying them less than men and refusing to train them adequately.

'Chen-Oster, says the Wall Street Journal, [also] claims in the suit that a male colleague groped her after an office party at a topless bar in 1997. Reporting the harassment, she says, hurt her status at the company,' the Huffington Post reports.

Maybe these three should start up their own rival firm, run by women only. However, all it would take would be one hot Diet Coke machine engineer to bring that company to its knees...

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